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To the attention of the IOC members

Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of victims of Quaestor brokerage scandal in Hungary, please let us inform you about a serious matter before you take any decision about the venue of the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. We represent victims of Quaestorgate, which is the biggest scandal ever in the Hungarian financial sector, and is also related to the Budapest 2024 Olympic Candidature. The scandal has had a dreadful effect on 32,000 people and their family members (around 100,000 people) since March 9th 2015. 684 million Euro (= HUF) have been stolen from the hard-working citizens, partially due to negligence of the Hungarian National Bank which fulfils the role of financial supervision authority in Hungary. As an outcome of this enormous fraud (the stolen amount is multiple times greater than screenwriter of The Wolf of Wall Street movie assumed, where 188,7 million Euro was stolen), several victims have committed suicide, families have come to a breakdown.

Quaestor had been Hungary’s most dynamic national group for 25 years. It had two core activities:

  • services – widespread financial and touristic services
  • investments – implementation of profitable ideas with social importance

Quaestor Group with its national branches had continuously strengthened its activities beyond Hungary’s borders. In recognition of the successful operation of Quaestor Group, a 23 member independent committee granted the “Superbrands” prize in 2014.

Csaba Tarsoly (CEO of the Quaestor Group), who is in detention since 2015 had strong connections with the actual government in the last 25 years, moreover he had a free entry pass to the Hungarian Parliament. Tarsoly kept excellent business relations with several ministries, councils and with Zsolt Borkai, who is the chairman of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and mayor of Győr city.

Csaba Tarsoly bought the ETO football stadium with the football team in Győr and became freeman of the city. In the meantime, Borkai kept 3,300,000 EUR public money in Quaestor. According to the Hungarian law, it was an illegal activity to keep public money outside of the Hungarian Treasury. When Borkai was demanded to show documents and supply data about the whole transaction, he denied, and later in a court case he did not turn up at the court, where he should have appeared. Please find the link about the court case in Hungarian:  http://www.kisalfold.hu/gyori_hirek/quaestor-ugy_-_borkait_tanukent_birosag_ele_ideztek_de_nem_ment_el/2451434

Due to the fruitful relations of Quaestor Group and the Hungarian Olympic Committee could Duna City (33 acres land owned by Quaestor) get into the 2024 Budapest Olympics application as a venue for the Olympic Village.

Now, we wish to inform you that Duna City area is still owned by Quaestor Group, which sequestration was initiated by Csaba Tarsoly and more Quaestor victims in 2016. Csaba Tarsoly intended to sell the land with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade for 283.4 million Euro. As negotiations broke down with the possible investor, Duna City land remains the property of Quaestor.

All in all, selling price of the estate could have covered significant part of the loss suffered by victims Quaestor brokerage scandal. However,

  • Hungarian Police did not hand over documents of Quaestor Hrurira Ltd to the liquidator company,
  • Hungarian Tax authority did not reply to inquiries of the liquidator if they possess any copies of Quaestor documents,
  • OTP Bank – diamond level sponsor of the Hungarian Olympic Committee – did not supply data where Quaestor had its bank account, did not reply to the liquidator of Quaestor Hrurira Ltd either when the liquidator tried to get proof of Quaestor’s past financial transactions.

Since none of the above mentioned parties gave information about the whereabouts of Quaestor Hrurira’s financial transactions in the past years, liquidator firm of Quaestor Hrurira Ltd. was not able to file its creditor claims toward the parent firm within the forfeit deadline, therefore victims of the Questor scandals will not receive a single cent from the revenue of the Duna City estate, despite of the fact that they loaned their money to Quaestor to finance its activities, including the Duna City project.

The 33 acre Duna City area where the Olympic Village is planned to build is not the property of the Hungarian State! The Hungarian government wants to get it illegally from the owners, from the 32 000 victims of Quaestorgate!
Therefore, we kindly as you not to support an application in which the Hungarian government deprives us from our legitimate property!
Also, we remind you that Quaestor Victims continue our demonstrations, as we have been doing for 670 days now and we will not give up!

Yours Faithfully

Quaestor Victims’ Community

For more information please email to: quaestorkarosultakkozossege@gmail.com